Personalized gene cell therapy for the treatment of cancer

CAR-T therapy is a type of immunotherapy where patient’s own immune cells are genetically engineered to specifically target cancer cells.

  • CAR-T치료제
  • CAR-T therapy is a type of cell therapy where genetically modified immune cells
    from the patient selectively attack cancer cells. `Kymriah`, was approved by the U.S.
    FDA in 2017 and was the first CAR-T treatment available for patients. From Phase II
    clinical trials, it boasted nearly 90% complete remission rate and has been called
    a miracle anticancer drug.

zCAR-T allows for continuous modulation of CAR T-cell activity within patients

AbClon’s proprietary zCAR-T treatment is the next generation of CAR-T treatment whose modularity
can allows its to be used against various cancer targets as well modulating the activity of CAR-T cells within the patient.

  • Immune cells genetically engineered with zCAR-T are regulated via a switch molecule which
    modulates not only the activity of the T-cells but also the cancer target. This modularity
    allows for streamlining production of the treatment as well as minimizing any potential
    side effects.
  • CAR-T치료제

Advantages of zCAR-T platform

  • Expansion of treatment possibilities to
    solid cancer in addition to blood cancer

    zCAR-T platform’s modular nature means that providing new
    targeting instructions for zCAR-T cells is as simple as
    swapping out the switch.
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Pipeline derived from CAR-T platform

  • AT101
  • CAR-T treatment for CD19-positive hematologic cancer cells, developed with in-house NEST platform.
  • AT501
  • zCAR-T treatment for ovarian cancer mediated with Affibody switch molecules.
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