zCAR-T treatment for HER2-positive ovarian cancer

AT501 is a type of immunotherapy developed using zCAR-T technology for the treatment of ovarian cancer expressing HER2. zCAR-T’s activity can be modulated in vivo via the use of a switch molecule

  • AT501
  • Ovarian cancer has a high cure rate when detected at an early stage. However in late stage
    ovarian cancer, when cancer cells begin to metastasize to the abdominal cavity, the prognosis
    is less optimistic. Since ovarian cancer patients only develop symptoms in the latter stages
    of the disease, a more effective treatment for late-stage ovarian cancer patients is needed.
    AT501 (zCAR-T treatment) specifically targets HER2-expressing disease proteins of ovarian
    cancer and can even suppress it from metastasizing.

AT501 Anticancer Efficacy

Day No treat T cell zCAR-T cell zCAR-T+switch
0 days
5 days
9 days
14 days
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