Bispecific antibody platform capable of simultaneously acting on
two different target proteins

AffiMab allows for rapid development of bispecific antibodies that can neutralize two different target proteins at the same time.

  • AffiMab
  • AffiMab combines the advantages of monoclonal antibodies and Affibody technology. The platform
    allows for engineering a bispecific antibody with affinity for two different target proteins.
    Bispecific antibodies demonstrate superior therapeutic effect compared to monoclonal antibody
    treatments in refractory diseases. Furthermore, AffiMab demonstrates high molecular stability
    in vivo and excellent production yields.

Advantages of AffiMab platform

Pipeline derived from AffiMab platform

  • AM201
  • AffiMab derived bispecific antibody treatment for autoimmune diseases expressing TNF-α and IL-6 targets.
  • AM105
  • AffiMab derived bispecific antibody treatment for colon cancer expressing CD137 (4-1BB) and EGFR targets.
  • AM109
  • Bispecific antibody for mCRPC/Targeting to both CD137 (4-1BB) on immune cells and PSMA on mCRPC.
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