• Antibody Innovation

    AbClon was founded in 2010 by a consortium of Korean and Swedish experts in antibody
    development. Our mission is to cure once incurable diseases such as cancer.

  • CAR-T

    CAR T-cell (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) therapy is the state-of-the-art gene cell therapy that is ushering in the age of
    personalized medicine. It boasts superior treatment effectiveness and lower side effects by programming the patient’s
    own immune cells to target tumor cells. The first generation of CAR-T treatments have already demonstrated major leaps
    in the treatment of patients with hematologic cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma. AbClon’s CAR-T program incorporates
    the next-gen technologies of CAR-T by integrating with NEST, zCAR-T, and Affibody platforms.

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  • NEST

    Antibody drugs act specifically on the target proteins responsible for the disease and as a result have high
    efficacy and low side effects. AbClon’s development of the NEST (Novel Epitope Screening Technology) platform
    was made possible through its experience in developing tens of thousands of antibodies.

  • AffiMab

    Bispecific antibodies can achieve stronger therapeutic effect by simultaneously acting on two different target
    proteins. AbClon’s AffiMab platform allows for easy development of bispecific antibodies by incorporating
    Affibody technology. Affibodies are alternative capture molecules one-fifth the size of antibodies that are
    affixed to regular antibodies to give it bispecific targeting capability. The AffiMab platform has been integral
    towards AbClon’s development of various anti-cancer and autoimmune therapeutics.

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Your Hope we Keep

AbClon will strive to safeguard everyone’s health and hope.

AbClon will take the lead in the development of treatments for intractable diseases
based on innovative drug development platforms and its extensive
experience in antibody therapeutics development.

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