Bispecific antibody treatment for autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis)

AM201 is a bispecific antibody capable of simultaneously targeting TNF-α and IL6 to treat autoimmune diseases

  • AM201
  • Since AM201 targets both TNF-α and IL6 disease proteins, it is expected to have
    excellent therapeutic effects against autoimmune diseases. Its bispecific nature also
    means that a smaller dose would need to be administered than a cocktail combination of
    TNF-α and IL6 inhibitors. AM201’s scope of treatments will be expanded to various
    other diseases such as cytokine release syndrome.

Excellent effects when benchmarked against Humira in SAA
(inflammatory protein) animal model

SAA(염증단백질) 동물모델에서 휴미라 대비 우수한 효과 입증

In efficacy tests involving inflammatory protein (SAA) animal models, treatment efficacy
of AM201 was undiminished despite being administered at a lower dosage compared to Humira.

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